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Tiffany Circle for the Canadian Red Cross

International event for women interested in the humanitarian Red Cross support nations in crisis relies on. The online event hosted speakers who gave updates on what the Red Cross is doing today to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people around the globe and explain more about Canada’s Tiffany Circle of women leaders in philanthropy. Bernadette is a current member of the Tiffany Circle and is proud to support Red Cross initiatives in Canada and around the world.

Who We Help

Ambitious business leaders seeking to uncover a new direction for their business.

Product manufacturers who are seeking different channels to reach their intended audiences.

Professional service providers who wish to elevate awareness of their brand or specialization.

Public company leaders on the TSX Venture Exchange seeking to be differentiated from their competition.

Non-profit & charitable organizations with time-sensitive goals and objectives.

What We Do

You can be confident with our expertise and passion as campaigns are created to achieve the goals we set together.

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  • Strategic Planning
  • Targeted outreach campaigns
  • Updating websites
  • Graphic design
  • Presentation aids

We provide strategic plans and communication tools to reach intended objectives and realize the goals you want to achieve in a timely fashion.

Campaign Success Stories

Over the past several years, In The Public Eye has played a key role in creating successful campaigns that launch, rebrand or communicate new ideas for small businesses, charities, or established companies that needed a fresh pair of eyes.

Over these 30 years, Jason Omelian Couture has created more than 500 women’s ensembles, 300 weddings dresses, 100 men’s suits, and more than 50 coats, jackets, and specialty clothing items for people throughout North America. We are pleased to be a part of the renewed brand for Jason Omelian Couture and look forward to working closely with him and his team in the coming months.

Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter

Together we raised awareness to more than 45,000 Calgarians and achieved financial contributions of $12,250 with an additional $5,000 cheque to end the “Gift of Safety” campaign with some $17,560 to support at least five families at The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.
With the new year here, I wanted share a few research findings on why volunteering is an activity which provides fulfillment for so many of us here in Alberta. The April 17th, 2019 report from PROPELLUS indicates the Number One reason to volunteer is that it makes people feel they are making a difference.

honnens logo

Honens International Piano Competition

How Honen’s International Piano Competition were able to pre-sell 35%+ passes 9 months ahead of their Calgary Event. Background – Since 1992 the Honen’s International Piano Competition has attracted the world’s leading artists whose piano skills fall into a category considered to be the “complete artist. A thoughtful interpreter, a consummate collaborator, an awe-inspiring virtuoso, a communicator, a risk-taking explorer.

In the Public Eye - Fishmans Logo

Fishman’s Personal Care Cleaners

The Fishman’s Family-owned and operated laundry service business began in 1945. Grandparents, Lily and Jack Fishman, started Economy Cleaners in its original location in Inglewood and with Jack’s tailoring expertise and Lily’s business acumen they founded a business that has grown and prospered over time. Bennie Fishman, one of their three children, inherited the business and began providing dry-cleaning service to inner-city business professionals.

Events and Spotlights

In the Public Eye is passionate about small businesses, the local community, and creating space for philanthropy throughout the city of Calgary and beyond! See some of her recent events and spotlights below or visit our EVENTS PAGE to stay in the loop on upcoming dates.


Inspired Albertan

All of us need someone in our lives who inspires us. Darrel Janz been fortunate to have a lot of people who have inspired him through his journey.

Now, he shares the stories of people who have inspired you. Join Bernadette as she shares about philanthropy on CTV at 5:50 PM on Tuesday, 23 February. Channel 2 for Shaw or Channel 501 for Telus.

Watch Bernadette as she shares about philanthropy on CTV.


Voices of Women 

“How to be a source of Inspiration in Uncertain Times”

Live and Online on March 8, 2021! An event in honor of International Women’s Day.  The global UN Women theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021 is “Women in Leadership”. This theme celebrates the tremendous efforts of women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future. Bernadette Geronazzo was one of the more than 70 women around the world invited to speak.


Film Circle Member

Bernadette Geronazzo and her family foundations have been supporters of several non-profit organizations over the years. In 2020, Bernadette Geronazzo was invited to speak on the importance of film in our culture and the value of becoming a Film Circle Member to support The Calgary International Film Festival


  • As the owner of A Laptop Shoppe, I've known Bernadette for many years. Her passion is to help others succeed and prosper , and when possible to assist them using her many skills and talents. If you have the opportunity to work with Bernadette, you will be impressed with her honesty and integrity. Bernadette recently invited me to a business 4 breakfast as a spot light speaker, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Bernadette assisted me and professionaly created a PowerPoint and associated dialog, As a public relations advisor Bernadette is able to amplify your company's key strengths and communicate them to the appropriate audience. I highly recommend Bernadette.

    Mike Chartrand
  • It's clear after working with Bernadette on an article for our business that Bernadette and her team In The Public Eye strive to bring loads of value to their clients. The work they've done for us at Merchant Services Consultants was over and above anything we expected. The quality of work was remarkable and the communication and execution was outstanding. Thank you for the care and attention you poured into our business so generously.

    Shawn Johnson
  • Bernadette and her team maybe went above and beyond and were great to work with. Not only were they professional, they were responsive, competent and asked many questions to get the job done right!

    Teresa Spinelli
  • In the Public Eye is a highly professional and goal-oriented public relations company that truly listens to the needs of its clients before presenting practical and tailored solutions that fit both the company and the industry it does business in. Bernadette is a thoughtful, experienced, and business-minded communicator who is a joy to work with!

    Shannon Stucky
  • Having worked with Bernadette for many months recently, I have come to know and understand how talented and focused she is. Bernadette demonstrated to me her value with the great PR articles she wrote and submitted. I witnessed them being accepted throughout the media for the company she represented at the time. She knows how to speak to her audience and garner interest. She is professional with his work and knows how to conduct interviews with the right people. The companies that Bernadette Geronazzo works with become successful because she knows how to target the right audience in the right way.

    Christine Till
  • I’ve known Bernadette Geronazzo from “In the Public Eye” since working with the team at BW Technologies many years ago. In the Public Eye was able to garner BW Technologies a tremendous amount of visibility in newspapers, magazines, radio and through other media channels. In addition, Bernadette was also able to secure the company a number of prestigious awards which elevated it’s international stature as a technology leader and innovator. In the years since, I have watched the agility of the company to meet various needs of organizations and it has been retained by. As a strategic communications firm, Bernadette and her talented team repeatedly assist clients develop brand recognition and claim unique positioning with a loyal following.

    Tamara Kryklywicz

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Voice of Women- International Women’s Day 

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