Giving Back to our Community

Bernadette Geronazzo

After many years of working with publicly-traded corporations, private as well as non-profit entities, I am pleased to be focusing our efforts now on supporting the charitable sector.

In these recent years, with the global pandemic and the rise of family violence as well as polarization in our world, I see the role of arts and culture as an important path which will improve our interpersonal relationships, foster confidence and perhaps – more importantly – to be a springboard from which positive, creative expression will improve our wellbeing, mental health and sense of serenity.

Encouraging people of all ages to explore and experience art, dance, music, theatre and more I hope will enable us to rebuild a stronger foundation in our homes, cities and across our great country.

We have worked in tandem with the Raymond James Charitable Foundation to establish two small foundations with the purpose of elevating attention for arts and culture under one banner and to providing a helping hand up for the other.  I feel honoured to have this unique opportunity to dedicate time and resources to a few important charitable organizations and hope our efforts will result in a more peaceful world of inclusion and embracing diversity in all its forms.