• brendan_cook"I have found Bernadette’s raw dedication and glowing personality to be inspiring. Bringing valuable PR and investor relations insight to the table, Bernadette has keen insight into the needs of stakeholders both within and beyond the organization."

    Brendon Cook Chief Technology Officer, Blackline BLN-TSX
  • nair-bailey"Bernadette's knowledge of marketing & mixed media usage is exceptional. Most importantly, she asks you the hard questions which ultimately bring you the answers you need to promote & grow your business. Without hesitation, I give Bernadette a hearty recommendation.

    Nair H. Bailey General Manager, Bailey Professional Search
  • michelle "In the Public Eye was a source of fresh thinking for us. Our challenges and desired outcomes were quickly understood. The recommendations, based on informed expertise, inspired us to Think Big and the rigour and discipline that was brought to Honens helped us to exceed initial expectations and optimized our resources. We found In the Public Eye to be flexible and the connections with Tourism Calgary, Travel Alberta and the like were strengthened immeasurably.

    Michele Stanners Vice President, Advancement and Experience - Honens
  • The Fishman's“From our experience as business owners, Bernadette is one of the best PR professionals we have ever come across. Her professionalism and efficiency is second to none. She provides us with the most relevant and insightful information necessary to successfully promote our brand. She has been instrumental in creating new partnerships and strengthening existing relationships. Bernadette’s expertise combined with her incredible attention to detail and strategy makes her an asset to any company.”

    The Fishman's Fishman's Personal Care Cleaners
  • Diane "Fundraisers have many working components to make them successful. The most important are the people. Bernadette made it her mission (as she does with every project she takes on) to work towards this event being successful on many levels. With her expertise in public relations, marketing, her extensive network that she draws from to her experience supporting and developing many types of businesses, you know you are in great hands.

    I have worked with Bernadette on various projects for the past 20 years and I can say her level of excellence, expertise and commitment has always stayed the same. She has the highest level of professionalism in a person out of all of those I have worked with - there is no other company I would trust to garner as much success for me as In the Public Eye."
    Diane Colton CEO, Mobility Financial Services