Blackline Finds Its Stride in Global Safety Markets

Blackline is marking a new chapter for the company’s now 10-year evolution. At this year’s annual general meeting, Blackline received shareholder approval to change its name to Blackline Safety, supporting its primary focus on global employee safety and launched a new safety-focused web presence:

Looking back in time at the evolution of Blackline Safety, the first step of note was to trade-in their private company status to become a public entity. This strategy enabled the company to source funding in the public sector as well as reward and retain employees in today’s highly competitive market. It also garnered respect for a desire to operate in a transparent fashion, complete with quarterly financial reporting on the TSX Venture exchange under Blackline Safety’s ticker symbol of BLN.

Other intentional moves the company has made include:

  • A shift from consumer products to commercial wireless safety solutions
  • Moving manufacturing to Canada in order to save costs and increase quality control
  • Launching a safety monitoring solution for remote workers that incorporates satellite as well as cellular communications
  • Opening an in-house, dedicated Safety Operations Center with live personnel responding to calls for assistance 24/7/365
  • An ability to escalate these calls directly to 9-1-1 anywhere in Canada or the US
  • Receiving recognition as a featured Google Maps partner for Blackline’s safety monitoring application that pinpoints locations of key employees in need within seconds.

Initial adopters for Blackline’s safety solutions in Canada are: Husky Energy, ATCO Electric, and ConocoPhillips Canada with clients in the United Kingdom including: Kelda Water, CEMEX, and even Heineken Brewery—to name a few.
Did you know that the UK is possibly the top market, in the world for work-alone safety? With upwards of a decade to address work alone standards, and safety being a top priority for so many corporations, they have the lowest workplace death rate in the Western World. Stats from 2012 are 0.51 per 100,000 employees in the UK compared to Canada’s 6.1 per 100,000 employees—almost a twelve-fold difference illustrating that improvement is possible.

When Blackline Europe opened their UK office in Essex only a year ago, the company did not anticipate total sales to grow from 1% – 6% in that time frame. In recent months, Blackline Europe has secured their first Italian distributor—EcoSafe, out of Torino. Interesting to note that Italy actually has reduced insurance premiums for companies that incorporate safety programs such and safety solutions for heir lone workers.
Blackline appears to be in the right place, at the right time to make a difference in the world of employee safety.