Grateful for our caring community and the impact made possible for families. 


Time passes quickly and I am grateful it is never too late to extend gratitude.  Many fund-raisers took place over these recent months, and I am extending our sincere thanks to all those who contributed to help us supersede our intended goal of $10,000 for The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter.

The design talents of Robin Albright enabled us to have a unique postcard for each week of the month-long campaign. Throughout social media and in outbound communication the effect of the postcard campaign resulted in more than 3,500 views.

People who have come through challenging family violence incidents were open about the important work which transforms many lives each year through The Calgary Women’s Shelter.  We were moved by this expression and thank Dione Lockyer, Manager, Compensation and Benefits at Blackline Safety who shared her experience and helped Blackline Safety to raise an additional $20,000 with their employees.

Our sincere thanks to all 33 individuals who contributed, of which Great West Radon donated $2,500 and SAGE Connected Investing added another $1,000 in December to our seasonal campaign.

Two Birds One Stone created a 12-month calendar where an addition $1,200 was raised and we are extremely grateful for Calgarian’s generosity and support at a time when the combination of economic and emotional challenges can spark volatile responses.