Fishman’s Personal Care Cleaners

The results of this initiative made the lives of Fishman’s Personal Care Cleaners easier with the added shoe shine and repair service, added a revenue stream to the business, and strengthened ties between Fishman’s and their most engaged clients.


Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

Awareness & fund-raising campaign for the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter through four weeks in December of 2020.  Our $10,000 goal was superseded by 175.6% to a final total of $17,560 and exceeded goals for visibility through video, social media support, and the generosity of Calgarians.


Socium Law

Redesign for corporate logo and website to convey – strength, dependability, trust, and partnership.

Designed an online event with associated imagery, outreach, and communications to position Socium Law as a thought leader



Provided a teaser campaign to raise awareness and anticipation for KALOS LLP as both sponsors and speakers for the 2020 Business Transitions Forum online event.


Jason Omelian Couture

Over these 30 years, Jason Omelian Couture has created more than 500 women’s ensembles, 300 weddings dresses, 100 men’s suits, and more than 50 coats, jackets, and specialty clothing items for people throughout North America. We are pleased to be a part of the renewed brand for Jason Omelian Couture and look forward to working closely with him and his team in the coming months.