Corporate Projects

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Socium Law

Redesigned corporate logo to convey – strength, dependability, trust, and partnership.

Worked in collaboration with Socium Law to redesign, create content, photography, imagery, and position the company to rank with search engine optimization.  Socium Law are members of the local and national advisory committees to the TSX Venture Exchange, sponsors of the Alberta IoT Association (AIOT) and members of Rainforest Alberta. At AIOT, Socium Law is a facilitator for the Fast Track Program, a technology ecosystem program to help established businesses scale up.



Created a teaser campaign to support KALOS LLP by raising awareness and anticipation as both sponsors and presenters for the Business Transitions Forum online event in October of 2020.

Designed 1 pager to illustrate the company’s unique position among Chartered Professional Accounting firms in Canada, providing their benefits to potential clients in an at-a-glance format.


Fishmans’s Personal Care Cleaners

Corporate re-branding to include “Personal Care Cleaners” to reflect the company’s caring values and behavior extended daily to thousands of Calgarians.

The “Fishman’s Cares” campaign involved print, digital assets, and direct outreach to communicate appreciation for clients and advised recipients on various services the company offers – while simultaneously offering a monthly theme.

  • Clients’ TIME to reduce stress and driving by offering scheduled home delivery twice a week.
  • COMMUNITY to involve younger students during a time of Covid restrictions in Calgary by creating an art initiative and contest with art paper supplies provided.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT – to demonstrate leadership in their industry as the first in Western Canada to eliminate all chemicals from their cleaning processes, only 100% biodegradable soaps are used, and the company includes recyclable and reusable bags for all garment cleaning.
Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 11.59.31 PM

Blackline Saftey

Working closely with Mr. Brendon Cook, Blackline Safety’s co-founder and CTO, as well as reporting directly to Mr. Sean Stinson, VP of Product Management and Sales, I had the distinct pleasure of leading Public Relations initiatives and developing external business relationships.  Part of my role was collaborating with the Marketing team to report on exciting advancements as they were brought to market.  This high-growth and technology leader continues to lead the world of wearable safety technology and has won a myriad of International Awards for their many innovations –


Jason Omelian Couture

Recognizing Jason Omelian Couture as a brand that has been established over 30-year tenure in Alberta, a few strategic steps at this juncture where needed, based on the client’s desires.

Update the branding, to ensure it will easily translate into several formats and uses:  print media, digital assets related to projects in before/after as illustrated in the first of a series of projects – graduation dress alterations, men’s tailoring, custom wedding dresses, and even construction dress elements to final projects.  The use of Swarovski Crystals to make the branding clearly visible in the studio has also been beneficial for photos of clients in custom-enhanced clothing where clients are sharing on their various social media platforms – notably Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Positioning the company as a contender to receive certain fashion awards in the coming year and to provide clothing for a couple of celebrities will elevate both brand recognition and third-party credibility for Jason Omelian Couture