Community Engagement

The first step was to refresh to corporate branding to include “Personal Care Cleaners” as this is a direct reflection of the company’s caring values and behavior extended daily to thousands of Calgarians.

The “Fishman’s Cares” campaign involved print, digital assets and direct outreach to communicate appreciation for clients and advised recipients on various services the company offers – while simultaneously offering a monthly theme.

Monthly printed posters conveyed a value and key initiative:

  • Clients’ TIME to reduce stress and driving by offering scheduled home delivery twice a week.
  • COMMUNITY to involve younger students during a time of Covid restrictions in Calgary by creating an art initiatives and contest with art paper supplies provided.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT – to demonstrate leadership in their industry as the first in Western Canada to eliminate all chemicals from their cleaning processes, only 100% biodegradable soaps are used, and the company includes recyclable and reusable bags for all garment cleaning.

Printed & digital postcards, targeted online outreach, social media, and contest giveaway events were the means adopted to focus on existing client’s the extension of “Wash & Fold” laundry service to the garment cleaning they trust and appreciate from Fishman’s Personal Care Cleaners.

Website updates, new blog posts, and invitations to internal and external audiences to take part in an Instagram photo contest resulted in widespread sharing on social media with the support of participating merchants, local art shops in Calgary, the nearby Western Canada High School, and even endorsements from City of Calgary civic leaders and council members who shared these opportunities with their many thousands of followers.

In the final month of the campaign the focus shifted to Pressed Bed Linen service – which research revealed was easy to understand and appreciate because the value with delivery had a point of less than $20/set/week with delivery included.  Articles and blog posts were written alongside social media outreach to elevate awareness of this service prior to Mother’s Day in May.


Fishman’s Story