Frequently Asked Questions

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When would a company like ours be in need of Public Relations?

Public Relations professionals like ourselves are often retained when the business leaders are perplexed about behavior in the marketplace.
For example, if the company has had a steady stream of business for several years and suddenly sales have dropped off but there is no clear indication as to why. In this instance Public Relations could uncover the reasons through stakeholder engagement strategies that would complement the known behaviours of the company’s clientele.

How is PR different from Advertising?

Both advertising and PR help build up the perceived reputation of a company and communicate with target audiences. The biggest difference between them is that advertising space is paid while public relations results are earned. PR is earned through a strategic set of steps which involve the intended audience using two-way forms of communication. These inform management on their audience needs, their likes, dislikes and preferences in order to make better decisions to address or fulfill those needs and earn the loyalty or following desired. Unlike Advertising, PR is not selling a product or service it is seeking a stronger understanding and relationship with a group of people or companies who value what the company has to offer. It’s often about relationship-building.

I have been asked to present to an audience – can you help?

Yes, we have assisted numerous presenters with both the presentation slides or video required as well as the coaching, outline and training to deliver “On Message.” Whether your presentation is on or off camera, our team can help you with the training and tools to ensure you feel confident, prepared and will be able to convey complex ideas through easy-to-follow visual elements to make the presentation understandable and engaging for your audience. Our presentation skiils prep team will ensure you are confident and ready to convey your ideas clearly and confidently.