Jason Omelian Couture Campaign

Over these 30 years, Jason Omelian Couture has created more than 500 women’s ensembles, 300 weddings dresses, 100 men’s suits, and more than 50 coats, jackets, and specialty clothing items for people throughout North America.  He has had the great good fortune of being flown to destinations like Hawaii, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Indianapolis, and more to provide custom clothing and alterations to ensure wedding outfits for groomsmen, bridesmaids, and even graduates were fitted to feel spectacular in their customized attire.

Recognizing Jason Omelian Couture as a brand that has been established over a 30-year tenure in Alberta, a few strategic steps at this juncture were needed, based on the client’s desires.

Update the branding, to ensure it will easily translate into several formats and uses:  print media, digital assets related to projects in before/after as illustrated in the first of a series of projects – graduation dress alterations, men’s tailoring, custom wedding dresses and even construction dress elements to final projects.  The use of Swarovski Crystals to make the branding clearly visible in the studio has also been beneficial for photos of clients in custom-enhanced clothing where clients are sharing on their various social media platforms – notably Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Positioning the company as a contender to receive certain fashion awards in the coming year and to provide clothing for a couple of celebrities will elevate both brand recognition and third-party credibility for Jason Omelian Couture.

Expanding awareness of Jason Omelian Couture’s additional expertise in home décor – specifically for easy enhancements such as indoor and outdoor cushions in fabrics with attention to detail to beautify homes will open the company to seasonal opportunities.  Targeting homeowners seeking the unique and customized accents desired for the city or recreational property will lead to success among individuals seeking solutions that can be made-to-measure.

The custom cushions created above involved a mitered corner cushion with matched detail on both the top and underside of the cushion to make it reversible.  Pattern matching to surround the zippers made them nearly invisible on the side edge and corner detailing for these reversible and “book-matched” longer side cushions completed the look to best reveal the pattern repeat.  Custom-cut and paint-protected rectangular sections of metal mesh provide structural support below the cushions and will weather the four seasons easily in Alberta’s outdoor climate conditions.

We are pleased to be a part of the renewed brand for Jason Omelian Couture and look forward to working closely with him and his team in the coming months. For more information about Jason Omelian Couture email jasonomeliancouture@gmail.com Call or text 1-403-477-7391.


“When I brought my dress in for alterations, I had no idea how big of a difference custom fitting can make- it is like a whole new dress!” says Grace A. “It went from a store-bought dress that I liked to one that I can really call my own and feel comfortable in. Jason has such an attention to detail and he even added in a few extra flares to make the dress really stand out. I could not have asked for a better experience” Grace A.

This being the end of school for Grace A. (pictured to the left ) and so many other graduates, Jason Omelian has been instrumental in creating lining where none existed, re-sculpted and re-shaped the skirt to fit this young graduate precisely, and even made the needed face mask from the hem remnants so she could walk the stage with her fellow classmates.