Blackline Safety


Working closely with Mr. Brendon Cook, Blackline Safety’s co-founder and CTO, as well as reporting directly to Mr. Sean Stinson, VP of Product Management and Sales, I had the distinct pleasure of leading Public Relations initiatives and developing external business relationships.  Part of my role was collaborating with the Marketing team to report on exciting advancements as they were brought to market.  This high-growth and technology leader continues to lead the world of wearable safety technology and has won a myriad of International Awards for their many innovations –

In 2017, Blackline Safety unveiled the world’s first portable and wirelessly connected safety system at a product launch hosted at The Saltlik Restaurant in downtown Calgary.

Manufacturing these award-winning safety systems in Calgary – and growing rapidly to overtake more commercial space every few years – meant the company needed to renovate an existing building to accommodate their growth.  In 2018 Blackline Safety moved into the Dominion Bridge Building where a state-of-the art interior offers room for expansion in everything from manufacturing to finance. Colliers International worked with us to secure some national print visibility and they chose Blackline Safety to be profiled as a great company needing great space  –

Helping Blackline Safety to be seen and understood as the industry’s thought leader was initiated through local and international trade shows, Lunch & Learn events, Safety Events as well as online and in-person educational workshops.  Guiding informative facility tours to members of Government as well as industry at the company’s corporate headquarters also helped to open doors to foster initial relationships in the local community.

Positioning members of the leadership team to be speakers at local and international events, assisting with Media Releases, presentations and providing regular feedback loops in our communication to external stakeholders for Blackline Safety was part of my role at the company.  Customer Engagement surveys were conducted and from these we were able to uncover “Champions” for the brand, better understand where improvements needed to be made and how Blackline Safety could better serve the newly understood needs from individuals interfacing with either the products, people, software, and/or reporting data.

Blackline’s safety products are designed to ensure more people arrive home safely from working in high risk environments and it was an honour to be a part of their team of experts and leaders.